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My Life and Story

My wife and I met when I was a history teacher and within a few short months, I was married to her.

She has been an inspiration to me and has pushed me to continue this website because of my passion for history that I have.

When we married I inherited 4 stepdaughters and now that number has grown from 4 to 9 with her and I having three children of our own and adopting another two.

With the older girls out of the house, my home is now filled with ages 10 and below! So to say that this house has high energy is an understatement.

Why I Built This Website

I love history and I am a Christian.

When I was 19 years old I was struggling with my faith and was starting to trend agnostic. My dad then gave me a book that was titled Why I Believe by Dr. James Kennedy. I remember reading a chapter titled “When The Stones Cry Out” and it changed me completely. I saw the history outside the Bible and it became my passion.

I believe that God is telling a story through history and that despite us He works even in the worst situations for His good.

This website was originally created to talk about the American Revolution and not it has expanded to talk about many different topics. It is a labor of love and as time has progressed I have gotten better at creating articles to better serve me readers.

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