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Welcome to The History Junkie

Welcome to The History Junkie! This website is dedicated to telling the story of American History.

American History can be divided into eras. The story of America can be traced back to Ancient Greece as an influence that would eventually lead to the Roman Empire to the Reformation and Renaissance and eventually America.

Age of Exploration

The Age of Exploration was an exciting time in world history. Famous Explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama catapulted different nations onto the international stage.

During this era, there would be a series of great monarchies to take the throne of various European Countries.

The Age of Exploration meant a great expanse of European culture and power, but it also meant the beginning of the end for many of the first nations. 

As early colonization continued, European disease would ravage the First Nations of the New World. New alliances would be forged and new wars would be fought.

Age of Pirates

Real Pirates of the Caribbean

After the Spanish Empire expanded into the Caribbean it created a vacuum that would be filled by pirates. This age would be marked by expanding empires and pirates roaming the Caribbean Sea.

During this time, England would become the dominant power in the New World. Their Navy would lead the way to end the age of the pirates.

Colonial America

Colonial America Facts

The 13 original colonies began during this time. Each colony had a different beginning. Massachusetts began with Pilgrims and Puritans, Virginia with the tobacco trade, Georgia was founded by debtors, Pennsylvania by Quakers, New York by the Dutch and then conquered by the English, and Maryland was a haven for Catholics.

Each colony was different, but over time they began to have more similarities than differences which included the idea of independence of Britain.

American Revolution

The American Revolution was the war that birthed America.

During this time the Declaration of Independence was written and the British were defeated and expelled from America.

Men such as George WashingtonJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonBenjamin Franklin, and the Sons of Liberty become national and historic names.

The war ended in 1783 and set up another era of American History.

Articles of Confederation

While this is not an era it was an important in-between the Revolution and the Constitution.

The Articles of Confederation failed due to the states having more power than the federal government. This would then lead to a new age which would become known as the Constitutional era.

War of 1812

Winfield Scott

The forgotten war was the War of 1812. Although often forgotten it was an important war that created new heroes and organized the army.

New heroes, such as Winfield Scott, rose to prominence during this time. Men such as William Henry Harrison and Andrew Jackson would use their popularity to become President of the United States.

This would also mark the end of Native American power. While they would continue to survive they would be overwhelmed and their nations would cease to exist within less than a century.

Native American History

List of Native American Tribes

Native Americans inhabited this county from sea to shining sea before the English arrived. They would eventually be driven from their land and conquered.

Joseph Brant and Tecumseh had plans of united the Native Americans to form their own country, but their vision was never completed and their people would be forced from their land.

The Civil War

First Battle of Bull Run Facts

From 1861 – 1865 America made war on itself over the issue of state rights and slavery.

The casualties from this war were devastating.

The Civil War would result in the Emancipation of slaves, the south destroyed, and the rise of new heroes that would influence the nation for another generation.

Men such as Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and others would become local legends and national icons.

The Civil War would change the country forever.

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