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President William Henry Harrison Timeline and Facts

President William Henry Harrison Facts

President William Henry Harrison was a hero of the War of 1812. His popularity is what aided him to the presidency along with an excellent campaign slogan, “Old Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!”

As a General he was fearless and his men loved him, but as a President we will never know. The 67 year old Harrison caught pneumonia and died just after taking office. 

William Henry Harrison’s First Term

March 4, 1841: Harrison is inaugurated and delivers the longest inauguration speech in history. He stands in the rain and cold without a hat or coat and delivered a 2 hour speech. Afterwards, Harrison attends 3 inaugural balls.

March 5, 1841: Harrison nominates Daniel Webster as Secretary of State.

March 9, 1841: The Supreme Court rules in favor of the Africans onboard the Amistad that were kidnapped in the Havana harbor and then rebelled and killed the members of the ship’s crew. This landmark case was called U.S. v. The Amistad.

April 1, 1841: Brook Farm, a utopian community near Boston, Massachusetts, and inspired by American Transcendentalism, seeks to combine manual labor and intellectual pursuits.

April 4, 1841: President Harrison dies of pneumonia. He becomes the first president to die in office. John Tyler is sworn in as president the next day.

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