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Edward Tilley Family Tree and Mayflower

Edward Tilley

Edward Tilley was around 32 years old when he arrived on the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock.

He arrived with his wife, niece, and nephew. He and his wife would meet a quick end in Plymouth as they would not survive the harsh winter.

Edward signed the “Mayflower Compact” and participated in the early explorations of Cape Cod where he was once appointed to provide “advice and council” to Myles Standish.

By the time of the third exploration at Cape Cod, Edward Tilley had developed a cold. 

He died shortly after. He was also listed as a cloth maker.

Life in Europe

Prior to coming to the New World, Edward Tilley lived in Leiden, Holland. That is where he and his wife would board the Mayflower.

Prior to Leiden Edward was born in Henlow, Bedfordshire, England to Robert and Elizabeth Tilley.

There is not much known of his life with exception of his marriage to Agnes Cooper in June of 1614. Unfortunately, Edward’s father and mother would not see him marry. 

His father passed away the year prior to his marriage and his mother just 3 months prior.

The couple would move to Leiden shortly after their marriage.

Edward Tilley Family Chart


Robert Tilley (1540 – 1613)
Elizabeth Tilley (1544 – 1614)


John Tilley (1571 – 1621)
Rose Tilley (1574 – 1621)
George Tilley (1577 – 1612)
Agnes Tilley (1580 – 1612)
Elizabeth Tilley (1583 – 1625)
William Tilley (1585 – 1625)
Alice Tilley (1591 – 1597)


Agnes Cooper (1585 – 1621)



The couple arrived with their recently orphaned niece Humility Cooper who was just a year old. She would survive the harsh winter even after their death.

William Bradford does mention her in his memoirs that were written in 1651. She had moved back to England where she had died by the time of his memoirs.

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