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List of People Involved in the Salem Witch Trials

Primary Accusers

These were the primary accusers during the Salem Witch Trials. Most of these young ladies took part in many different trials and accused many citizens of Salem including those that weren’t convicted.

The young ladies would speak of visions, act erratically, and come up with incredible stories about the accused. They relied on spectral evidence, which was allowed in the court until Governor Phips forbade its use. Spectral evidence is effective at getting a conviction due to it being so hard to defend against. The accuser can change their story within a moment and the accused are unable to give a counterargument.

  • Elizabeth Booth – She was the daughter of George and Elizabeth Booth. On June 8, 1692, Elizabeth allegedly showed signs of affliction by witchcraft.
  • Elizabeth Hubbard – Lived with her uncle William Griggs due to being an orphan. She first starting having fits on February 1, 1692.
  • Mercy Lewis – Parents were killed by a Native American raid. She would become one of the primary accusers. She became a servant in the Putnam house.
  • Elizabeth “Betty” Parris – The daughter of Samuel Parris and was a primary accuser. She can be linked to the death of 20 residents of Salem.
  • Ann Putnam Jr. – The daughter of Thomas Putnam she became one of the primary accusers. Later in life, she would apologize for her actions.
  • Mary Walcott – She was the daughter of Captain Jonathan Walcott and played a role in 16 of the executions that took place.
  • Mary Warren – The servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor and the oldest of the accusers. She played a significant role in the death of John Proctor.
  • Abigail Williams – She was one of the first to have fits. Her fits would eventually lead to the trials and she would disappear after the trials ended.

Other Accusers

These accusers did not participate in a majority of the trials, although it could be argued that Thomas Putnam seemed to be in the background often due to his daughter being a primary accuser.

John Hathorne and the Salem Witch Trials

The Physician who diagnosed afflicted

  • William Griggs – He was the primary physician in Salem whose only competition was Roger Toothaker who died in prison after being accused of witchcraft by someone that was close to Griggs.

Convicted and Executed

Roger Toothaker and Salem Witch Trials Monument

Convicted and died in prison

Convicted but escaped


Convicted and pardoned:

Pled guilty and pardoned:

Not Found Guilty or Survived Trial Period

Died in custody

Unindicted or acquitted

  • Job Tookey

Released on bond

  • Dorothy Good – daughter of Sarah Good
  • Frances Elizabeth Alcock Hutchins – Arrested Aug 18, 1692. Released December 21, 1692.


  • John Alden Jr.
  • William Barker Sr.
  • Mary and Philip English
  • Edward Farrington

Not Tried

Born in prison

Died in prison

Released from prison after the Governor ended the witch trials

Indicted by the grand jury

  • Stephen Johnson
  • William Barker Sr.
  • Edward Farrington (escaped)
  • Mary Green (escaped)
  • Elizabeth Hutchinson Hart (released after 7 months in jail after her son Thomas filed petitions on her behalf)

Not indicted

  • John Porter Sr.
  • Israel Porter
  • William Proctor
  • Sarah Cloyce – sister of Rebecca Nurse and Mary Eastey
  • Thomas Farrer Sr. – spent 7 months in Boston jail before being released
  • Tituba

Evaded arrest or escaped

  • Daniel Andrew
  • George Jacobs, Jr.

Named, but no arrest warrant issued

  • Anne Bradstreet
  • Dudley Bradstreet – was accused of witchcraft after he refused to issue anymore warrants. He fled the colony until the hysteria ended.
  • John Bradstreet
  • Rev. John Busse – minister in Wells, Maine
  • Rev. Francis Dane – minister in Andover, Massachusetts
  • Sarah Hale – wife of Rev. John Hale, a minister in Beverly, Massachusetts
  • James Howe  – husband of Elizabeth Howe
  • Lady Mary Phips – wife of Massachusetts Governor Sir William Phips
  • Sarah Swift
  • Margaret Sheaf Thacher – Jonathan Corwin’s mother-in-law

Court Personnel


Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1692


Superior Court of Judicature, 1693

Public Figures


Jean Paradis

Sunday 19th of January 2020

These are just the accusers I am related to: Accusers 1. Benjamin Abbott 1C 10X 2. Nehemiah Abbott, Sr. 9th ggu 3. Joseph Bailey 9th ggu 4. Joseph Ballard 8th ggf 5. Dea. Isaac Cummings 1C 10X 6. Deliverance Hazeltine Dane double 1C 9X by marriage 7. Rev. John Hale 9th ggu 8. Sarah (unk) Holten 1C 10X by marriage 9. Benjamin Hutchinson 1C 9X 10. Nathaniel Ingersoll 9th ggu 11. John Kimball 8th ggu 12. Thomas Nichols 1C 9X by marriage 13. John Putnam (Jr) 1C 9X 14. Nathaniel Putnam 1C 11X 15. John Rogers 8th ggu 16. Robert Swan 8th ggf 17. Timothy Swan 7th ggu 18. Allin Toothaker 1C 10X 19. Jonathan Wolcott 1C 9X

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