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Northwest Indian Tribes

The Northwest Indian Tribes were located on the Pacific West Coast of North America and stretched from Southern Alaska to the coast of British Canada to Northern California.

They had their own unique customs and culture that differed from the other groups of tribes.

The Native American Tribes that fall under the Northwest group are as follows:

  • Alsea
  • Bella Bella/Heiltsuk – A tribe that has existed for thousands of years in the northwest portion of the continent of North America. They are still located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Bella Coola – A tribe that still exists in British Columbia, Canada At one point had a population of around 35,000 people until European disease caused much death and dwindled the population to around 300. 
  • Chehalis – Residing in Washington the Chehalis tribe now lives on a reservation and has since 1860. Their land was around the area of the Chehalis river and they primarily lived on the food provided by the river.
  • Chinook – A tribe that resided in present-day Oregon. Lived in longhouses and had a diet made up of meat from the river and game in the forests. They were known as skilled Elk hunters and practiced head binding.
  • Cowlitz – A tribe that lived in present-day Washington state and lives on a reservation. They were similar to the Chinooks in that they practiced head binding.
  • Haida – One of the oldest Native American tribes that still live in their native homeland. They are typically compared to the Vikings by some historians due to their past ability of seamanship.
  • Haisla – A tribe/nation that has lived in the British Columbia region for 9,000 years. Over the past couple centuries has been decimated by disease, but still maintains a presence and is recognized as a First Nation in Canada.
  • Klallam – A people made up of four tribes. Three located in the United States and One located in Canada. They are one of the few tribes that purchased land and lived on their own free of a reservation.
  • Kwakiutl – This tribe was and is still located on Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. They are known for their artistic accomplishments as well as being excellent fishermen.
  • Makah – A tribe that lived in present-day Washington state that has well-preserved villages due to a mudslide in the 17th century. They are well-known for their tradition of whale hunting.
  • Nisga-Gitksan
  • Nooksack – A tribe located in the northwest corner of Washington State. They were a peaceful tribe that were eventually recognized by the United States government in the mid 20th century.
  • Nootka
  • Pentlatch
  • Puget Sound Salish
  • Quileute
  • Quinault
  • Siuslaw
  • Straits Salish
  • Takelma
  • Tillamook
  • Tlingit
  • Tsimshian
  • Tututni – A peaceful tribe that lived in Southwest Oregon. After making contact with the British explorer George Vancouver, the tribe was ravaged by disease which wiped out most of their population.
  • Twana
  • Umpqua – Consisted of at least four different Native American tribes that lived in the Umpqua River Valley. They were known as a peaceful people.

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