Six Leadership Lessons From George Washington


I have always been captivated by George Washington which is probably not unusual. Ever since I was a little kid studying history I enjoyed the stories I heard about him. When you are eight years old and learning about George Washington you are usually presented with a glowing review of him. How he was First […]

Facts About Henry Hudson


Henry Hudson was a famous explorer that sailed for both England and the Dutch. He explored modern New York City, Canada, and a large body of water that would be named after him, Hudson Bay. He laid the foundation for Dutch colonization of the New World and may have been the first man to circumnavigate […]

Battlefields of Ohio

Ohio was admitted into the Union on March 1, 1803 and had already seen action in various Indian Wars. Unlike many battleground states Ohio is tucked away and does not share a land border. While it did see some action in the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, and Civil War most of the battlefields […]

Revolutionary War Ancestor Project: Getting Started

Revolutionary War Getting Started

I have been dabbling in genealogy for quite some time and have connected with various relatives and researched many of my ancestors. I have quite a bit of knowledge and am looking forward to organizing what I have. Learning where I come from has been important to me and while I love all of the […]

Causes of the American Civil War

The causes of the Civil War were complex and have been controversial since the war began. The issue has been further complicated by historical revisionists, who have tried to offer a variety of reasons for the war. Slavery was the central source of escalating political tension in the 1850s. The Republican Party was determined to prevent any spread of […]

Causes of the Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War formally began in 1775 at the Battles of Lexington and Concord, but Revolutionary War causes can be traced back to the French and Indian War and perhaps even as far as the first English colony of Jamestown. The colonists of the 13 original colonies had a different mindset than those of their […]

Revolutionary War Battles

Studying American Revolutionary War Battles is one of my favorite topics to research in the Revolutionary War. Each battle has its own story, failures, heroes, and villains and also pushes the dialogue of the American Revolution forward.

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor isn’t one of the most well-known presidents in the history of the USA. However, that does not make him a man that we should erase from text books or from our learning. As the twelfth President of the USA he was responsible for some of the biggest victories in the country’s military history, particularly in […]

Writing a History Research Paper

If you’ve decided to read this, then you may well be on the first steps to deciding on the best course to take for your history research paper. This is something that, while of course being hard work and requiring dedication and a lot of your time, can be an activity that is rewarding and gives you […]

Virginia Colony

Virginia Colony was a series of colonies that eventually grew into the Virginia. By the time of the American Revolutionary War Virginia was the largest and most influential colony in colonial america. The delegates that were sent from Virginia to the Continental Congress emerged as leaders for independence. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, […]